Chilliwack Players Guild Season Announced

The Chilliwack Players Guild executive board approved the 2020/2021 Season but due to the COVID-19 virus and in keeping with the government's guidelines, the season will be postponed until 2021. We will keep you posted as to when things will start.

Our season will consist of the following:

Mystery in Pimlico - Radio Play Series

This BBC Radio Play, by Austin Stone, was originally broadcast live on Thursday May 8th 1952 at the BBC Midland Home Service. This ‘true crime’ play was based on the famous Pimlico Poisoning death in 1886 of Thomas Edwin Bartlett, possibly at the hands of his wife Adelaide!

Adelaide Blanche de la Tremoille (played by famous English actress Mary Wimbush) was born in 1855 France. She was encouraged by her husband Edwin to openly engage in romantic acts with Wesleyan Reverend George Dyson, who was also charged with Adelaide in the poisoning death of Edwin. He provided the larger quantities of liquid chloroform, than had been proscribed by Dr.Leach for an on-going illness!

At trial, Adelaide was defended by Sir Edward Clarke (originally played by well known English actor Geoffrey Lewis), who suggested that Edwin Bartlett had committed suicide, which led to an acquittal. The play gives background to the ‘mystery‘ and proceeds to the trial itself.  This is the third presentation in the Chilliwack Players Guild's Radio Play series. The CPG would like to thank Ed Stone, Austin Stone's son, for allowing us to present his father's work.

Calendar Girls

Based on the true story of the Yorkshire women who pose for a calendar to raise money for Cancer research, Calendar Girls has become the fastest
selling play in British theatre history.

After the previous year’s fundraising calendar, featuring local bridges, raises a paltry sum, the members of the Knapely Women’s Institute persuade one another to produce a charity calendar with a difference. They decide to pose nude for an "alternative" calendar.

Puzzling their husbands, mortifying their children and riding the wrath of the outraged WI, the calendar becomes a huge success sparking a global phenomenon.

A very English story with a very English heart, Calendar Girls is quirky, poignant and hilarious.

The Outsider

In the midst of a political scandal, Ned Newley, the ultimate policy wonk, is unexpectedly thrust into the position of Governor. Ned Newley doesn’t even want to be Governor. He has no political instincts, a paralyzing fear of public speaking, and his poll numbers are impressively bad. Ned might be the worst candidate to ever run for office. Unless the public is looking for… the worst candidate ever to run for office.

Politics is a visual medium. People vote for idiots who look like leaders. But Ned Newley is a new phenomenon: a leader… who looks like an idiot. In politics, the less you know, the higher you’ll go! At once a razor-sharp comedy and a sincere tribute to democracy, The Outsider is a timely and hilarious take on modern politics.


Actors - casting call

Casting Call Sheet
Production title: M​ountain to Climb
Union / Non-Union:​ Non-Union
Production location: ​Fraser Valley, BC, Canada Production Company:​ Good Vibes Film Productions Submission Requests: H​eadshot & demo reel (if avail.) to
Shooting Location: ​Fraser Valley, BC, Canada
Compensation: Y​es
Auditions submitted by: ​July 25, 2020
Call Backs: A​ugust 4, 2020
Shooting Starts: ​TBD;  Shooting Ends:​ TBD
Synopsis: 7​0 yr old career woman goes on a solo hike in the wild. Fish out of water meets bucket list.
Character BIO:
[Rose Anderson] [GENDER: FEMALE] [AGE: 70+]
Rose Anderson has been an Interior Designer, company owner, for over 4 decades and is an accomplished, extremely fashion forward, witty and ballsy woman. She takes on challenges and growing older is no excuse for changing that up. Important to note, Rose has to be a character from the era where women carried their purses with them everywhere, wore bright red lipstick that they blotted on a tissue. We have to believe that our Rose would not even question having a handbag with her at all times. Being too “young and hip” isn't what we are looking for. We want a real woman from that period, who knows who she is. Living life with elegance.
Important to note: We don’t even know or have written into the story whether Rose is married, has been married or has children. This story is about an older woman who has her own life, period. She hits a spot that finds her bored with her life and we get to tag along while she finds her way to falling in love with her life again.
*Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Iris Apfel, Maya Angelo, and Judge Judy are the three inspirations for Rose Anderson. Iris Apfel is exactly the fashionista style that Rose is. There is a documentary about Iris (very inspiring) of the type of person Rose is. All ethnicities are welcomed.
Thank you for your interest and support for our project! Good Vibes Film Productions Team

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