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April 20-30, 2023

“Happy 400th birthday to you…🎶”


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Directed by Clint Hames
Produced by Laura Hames

Who's in the cast?

Graham Archer  |  Janet Carroll |  Krysandra Wilson |  Andy Rolleman |  Katy Lowe |  Steve Saunders |  Doug Wickers |  Raymond Hatton |  Glenn Howard |  Ken Fynn |  Zack Loescher |  Mary Ellen Simell |  Trisha Knight-Good |  Margaret Kolstad |  Len Fisher |  Avah Wilson |  Don Romanik 

2023 Schedule

Meetings & social events

CPG gatherings will be held at the Guildhall at 7:00, generally on the second Tuesday of each month. They will alternate between meetings and events that are more social in nature, and the complete schedule is below. (Please note: General meetings are open to all, and social events are intended for members and guests.)

January 10: Social
February 14: General meeting
March 14: Social — a 1-act play reading
April 11: General Meeting
May 16: Social
June 13: General Meeting
September 12: ‘Welcome Back” BBQ
October 17: Annual General Meeting

In the wings

our fall play: The glitter girls

The play can be economically described as ‘Steel Magnolias meets Survivor’…what’s not to like? The story revolves around an ad hoc meeting of a North Georgia women’s social club called “The Glitter Girls,” convened by its richest member,  who is supposedly at death’s door and wishing to bequeath some of her millions to one lucky “Sister of the Gleam and Sparkle” __ as decided by the friends themselves, who are hoping she’ll share.

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May 21-26, 2023

Fraser Valley Zone Festival

The Chilliwack Players Guild is proud to announce
that it will once again host the
Fraser Valley Zone Festival
in May 2023 at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre and The Guildhall.

Please contact Debra at info@playersguild.ca
if you are interested in helping out or taking on a leadership role.

The Book of Will be be the Guild’s entry.

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