For many years, the Chilliwack Players Guild has donated a $500 scholarship to the University of the Fraser Valley. The recipient must be enrolled in the Theatre program, and be deemed to have made an outstanding contribution to the department’s productions and to student life, and who will be continuing his or her theatre studies at UFV.

Although we believe the Guild began its donations in the mid-1980s, we have not been able to find records that go back that far. We apologize if there are recipients whose names are not noted here, and if you are one of them, please drop us a line at

2018              Kira Taves

2017              Emily Eggert-Botkin

2016              Delaney Bergstrom

2015              Noel Funk

2014              Rebecca MacEachern-Eastwood

2013              Renee Weisgarber

2012              Natasha Ray

2011              Madison McArthur

2010              Caroline Davies

2009             Evan Hutchinson

2008             Katherine Ashcroft

2007              Kathleen Everson

2006             Bryan Candy

2005             Joanne Abraham

2004             Penny Miller

2003              Glynis Hannaford

2002             Chandra Goodey

2001              Mark Dalling and Jordan Schartner

2000             Lesley Galbecka and David McDougall

1999              Tiffani Mohammed

1998              Kathleen Parsons

1997              Warren Pullen

1996              Gordon Hamilton

1995              Gwen Coates

1994              Derek Payne

1993              Gordon Hamilton

1992              Lorraine Lanteigne