Agnes of God
Date: April 15, 1988 - April 23, 1988
Time: Apr 15-16, 22-23 @ 8:00 pm
Location: The Chilliwack Arts Centre
9525 College Street, Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults:
Students and Seniors:

By John Pielmeir
Directors: Astrid Beugeling and Jan Farrell
Producer: Beth Mead
by permission of Samuel French

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Sister Agnes

Trish Longmore

Sister Miriam Ruth

Christine Newsome

Dr. Martha Livingston

Janet Friesen

Directors:  Astrid Beugeling and Jan Farrell
Producer:  Beth Mead
Lighting and set design: Astrid Beugeling
Sound Design: Jan Farrell, Alan Davis
Costume Design: Rita Plowman
Stage Manager: Dave Stephen
House Manager: Audrey Neufeld
Props: John Plowman
Set Construction: Jon Jordan, John Plowman
Special Effects: Jim Dutton
Lighting Crew: Jon Jordan, Sue Jordan
Lighting Operator: Nigel Floyd
Sound Operator: Travis Neel
Publicity: Beth Mead
Program: Alan Davis
Photography: Stan Dahl
Makeup: Rita Meeker
Dressers: Janet Pelser, Joan Hogan, Laura Hames
Lobby Display: Christopher Woods
Opening Night TGIF: Jo Wilson

Photos by Stan Dahl

Fraser Valley Zone Festival, Chilliwack Arts Centre
Best Production
Best Direction (Jan Farrell, Astrid Beugeling)
Best Actress (Janet Friesen)
Best Technical

Mainstage, MacPherson Theatre, Victoria
Hon. Mention Actress (Trish Longmore)
Hon. Mention Poster Design (Astrid Beugeling)