Alice in Wonderland: the Pantomime
Date: December 3, 2009 - December 13, 2009
Time: Dec. 5, 6, 12, 13 at 2:00 pm; Dec. 3, 4, 10, 11 at 7:30 pm
Location: The Chilliwack Arts Centre
9525 College Street, Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: $15.50
Students and Seniors: $13.00; children under 12 $7.50

By Kate Parry & Karen Dolan-Smith

Director: Malcolm Mincher

Producers: Ralph Jones & Keith Clarke

Musical Director: Joanne Hankey

in association with Jasper Publishing Inc.

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John Ayris
Dessa Bayrock
Jamie Bond
Cyndie Brears
Joey Cutajar
Nigel Floyd
Larissa Garth
Lisa Hahn
Colin Hamill
Emma Hamill

Jett Higginbottom
Jacqui Higginbottom
David Hobson
Cruze Hurley
Isabelle Johnston
Madeleine Johnston
Ralph Jones
Lauren Kozak
Katie Labrecque
Tianna Labrecque

Jacqueline Loewen
Melissa Mark
Mercedes McBride
Celeste Newbury
Richard Ogilvie
Mark Regier
Melody Shears
Susan Smith
Ashlynn Tegg
Adrian Wilson
Robert Wilson

Director:  Malcolm Mincher
Producers:  Ralph Jones, Keith Clarke
Musical Director:   Joanne Hankey
Choreographer:   Cary Zacharias
Asst. Choreographer:   Tanya Schwaertzle
Stage Manager:   Jude West-Pratt
Assistant Stage Manager:   Fiona Bayrock
Costume Design/Wardrobe: Sally Jones
Lighting Design: Jamea Lister
Set Design: Tonny Cormier
Sound Design: Neil Clark
Poster Design:   Sardis Secondary Fine Arts


Booth Technician:   David Dalton
Set Dresser
:   Fran Ayris, John Ayris
Props:   Keith Clarke
Make-up & Hair:   Verna Clarke, Fran Coleman, Michelle Thiesson, Crystal Colling, Dessa Bayrock, Paige Thiesson, Becca Sutherland, Holly Johnston, Grietje Feenstra
Set Construction & Painting:  Clint Johnston, Verna Clarke, Keith Clarke, Jude West-Pratt, Randy West-pratt, Fred Gehrs, Wayne Dixon, Graham Archer, Tonny Cormier, Brad Cormier, Susan Klinck, Matt Brisson, Harold Thorp, Malcolm Mincher, Jacqueline Loewen
Photography:   Ian Meissner
Publicity:   Ralph Jones, Keith Clarke, Robert Wilson, Nancy Arnold, Richel Bilesky
Video:   Jackson Walde
Media Display:   Carolyn Putt
Lobby Display:   Dickens Sweets
Opening Night Reception:   Marie Dahl
House Managers: Becki Cormier, Audrey Neufeld
Gift Tiles: Graham Archer
Box Office: Fran Ayris

This production is loosely based on the traditional story, with a few extra characters, like Alice’s mother Gladys , her love interest Ernest Compost the gardener and the lovely Princess Incontinenta. Our first “panto” Cinderella was well received in Chilliwack. Audiences loved that it was fun for all the family. Especially popular were the musical numbers & audience participation.

Pantomime is a curious entertainment. Originally silent (a form of mime), it is now anything but, with extensive vocalisation from both the performers and the audience. The stories are generally well-known (drawn from popular folk-tales), populated with stock characters, including a dame played by a man . Scripts change from year to year, but generally contain four strands of humour: visual, topical, corny and very slightly naughty.

In the UK this is family entertainment. Family trips to the “panto” are amongst most Brits cherished childhood memories. Traditionally performed at Christmas, British pantomime incorporates song, dance, buffoonery, slapstick, cross-dressing, & in-jokes. Audience participation includes calls of “Look behind you!” (or “He’s behind you!”), and “Oh, yes it is!” and “Oh, no it isn’t!” The audience is always encouraged to boo the villain and “awwwww” the poor victims, such as the rejected dame, who usually fancies the prince.

Photos by Ian Meissner