An Affair of Honour - A Radio Play
Date: January 19, 2019
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Location: The Chilliwack Cultural Centre
9201 Corbould St., Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: $10.00
Students and Seniors: $10.00

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This is a BBC Radio Play that was originally broadcast live in 1953. It was one of nine plays written for the BBC by Austin Stone (1904-1979) who also wrote eight ‘True Crime’ novels, during the years 1936-1973. His last book “Missing, Murder Suspected” was, along with the play, recently transcribed/edited & published POSTHUMOUSLY in his father’s memory, by Chilliwack resident & CPG member Ed Stone. Both the original manuscripts for this play and book were found in recent documents left to Ed by his father. Visit website for more details on other plays & books by the same author at:

Scene for the play, “An Affair of Honour” is based on a period in the life of Lola Montez, a well known Irish actress & dancer, who in 1844, whilst living in Paris, France, had an ‘affair‘ with composer Franz Liszt and a ‘dalliance’ with Three Musketeer’s author, Alexandre Dumas. While in Paris she formed a romance with newspaper owner Alexandre Dujarier, who while drunk during a party, was challenged to a dual by Rosemond de Beauvallon. As a result, Dujarier was shot and killed!
Note of interest: In the original BBC broadcast, the part of ‘Annabella’ was played by famous English actress, Billie Whitelaw CBE.

Later on in 1846, Lola moved to Munich and became the ‘mistress’ of King Ludwig1 of Bavaria. Her story continues from there——-

Director: Astrid Beugeling
Producer: Debra Archer
Sound Designer and Folio Artist: Dave Stephen
Poster Design: Jennifer Matthias

Narrator: Ed Stone
Alexandre Dumas: Doug Wickers
Charles Dujarier: Larry Hamm
Lola Montez: Susan Shattock
Annabella: Carol Taylor
Rosemond de Beauvallon: Ralph Jones
Roger Darcy: Ian Fenwick
Gaston: Andy Rolleman
Vicomte d’Ecqueville: Lew Ross
Comte de Flers: Malcolm Mincher
Doctor: John Pronger
Servant: Andy Rolleman
President of the Court: Rick Mawson
Public Prosecutor: Lynne Wells
Maitre Berryer: Glenn Howard
Foreman of the Jury: John Pronger
Andre: Andy Rolleman
Voice: John Pronger

January 18th, 4pm at the Guild Hall
January 19th, 9am – 3pm at the Rotary Hall in the Cultural Centre