Angel Square
Date: December 10, 1986 - December 13, 1986
Time: Dec 13 @ 2pm; Dec 10-13 @ 8:00 pm
Location: The Chilliwack Cultural Centre
9201 Corbould St., Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: 5.00
Students and Seniors: 4.00

Written and directed by Alan Davis
Produced by Grace Jones
Music composed and directed by Judy Hill
Based on the book "Angel Square" by Brian Doyle (Groundwood books)

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Angel Square was adapted for the stage by Alan Davis, from a book for young people by Brian Doyle.  It featured some original music by Judy Hill, and was subsequently performed at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa in December 1987. (See scrapbook.)

Fleurette Featherstone-Fitchell – Dawn Bassett
Gerald Hickey – Michael Chadsey
Manfred Mahoney / Mrs. Lister – Charlene Coombes
Arnold Levinson / Choir – Caitlin Davis
Sherwood Ashbury / Sammy Rosenberg /Choir – Craig Gillis
Telesphore Bourgignon – Michael Gillis
Martha Banting / Choir – Lisa Greenough
Mr. Bluecheeks / Mr. Logg – Clint Hames
Aunt Dottie – Judy Hill
Dad – Bryan Laver
Pamela – Shani Laver
Killer Bodnoff / Radio Crew / Choir – Sean Laver
Clary O’Mara – Shane Laver
Musician – Trish Longmore
Coco Laframboise / Radio Crew – Brendon McCombs
Delbert Dilatio / Mother / Shop Assistant / Radio Crew – Meredith Macdonald
Melody Bleach / Choir – Daphne Macdonald
Chalmers Lonnigan – Stacey McKenzie
Ozzie O’Driscoll / Father Foley – John Pronger
Tommy / Choir – Ben Rogalsky
Lester Lister / Choir – Jason Smith
Geranium Mayburger / Mother / Radio Crew – Rachel Speer
Anita Pleet / Choir – Christy Bryceland
Margot Lane – Jenny Brown
Mr. Maynard / Nightwatchman / Rev. Wells / Red Cap – John Burton

Flutes: Dawn Bassett, Trish Longmore
Saxophone: Michael Gillis
Trumpet: Brendon McCombs
Organ: Rachel Speer

Director: Alan Davis
Producer: Jon Jordan
Assistant Director: Dave Stephen
Set Design & Lighting Design: Astrid Beugeling
Music & Publicity: Judy Hill
Publicity Crew: Terry Mott, Mona Beaton, Denny Larochelle, Marlene Greenough, Dave Stephen, Brad Whittaker, Clint Hames
Costume Design: Rita Plowman
Costume Construction: Jo Pronger, Rita Plowman
Graphics: Astrid Beugeling, assisted by Marla Rurka
Program: Linda Laver, Marie Dahl, Pam Jones
Set Construction: John Munroe, Jon Jordan, Henry Speer, Clint Hames, Graham Archer, Hank Boven, Patti Walker, Astrid Beugeling
Props: Hank Bovwn
Sound Operator: Travis Neel
Stage Crew: Hillary Davis, Alexis Davis, Lisa Birston
Lighting Operator: Patti Walker
Lighting Crew: Astrid Beugeling, Clint Hames, John Fowler, Frank Froese, Patti Walker
Box Office & Ticket Booth: Janet Pelser
House Manager: Jo Wilson
Photographer: Stan Dahl
Makeup: Angie Conlin, Yvonne Millward, Sharon Coffin, Marlene Johnson
Opening Night Reception: Diane Haywood-Farmer
Loggy Display: Stan & Marie Dahl

National Arts Centre Production, Ottawa, December 1987