Awakenings (Bootstrap Theatre)
Date: July 11, 2012 - July 15, 2012
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: The Chilliwack Cultural Centre
9201 Corbould St., Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: $15.00
Students and Seniors: $15.00
Tickets: --

Awakenings was the Guild's entry in the 2013 Fraser Valley Zone Festival, where it won the following awards:

  • Backstage Co-operation
  • Outstanding Graphic Design (Haley Smith)

CastCreative TeamProduction TeamPerformance PhotosAbout the Show

Robyn Bryson — Ainslin
Rachel Stephens — Astrid
Katrina Coleman — Daisy
Haley Smith — Dr. Kleiner
Ross Biondolillo — Peter
Jonathan Winterburn — Chris
Ralph Jones — Waiter
Glenn Howard — Father
Celeste Newbury — Freya
Miranda Martin — Previews
Barb Neeve — Previews

Director:   Emily Hamel
Producer:   Malcolm Mincher
Set Designer:   Matt Brisson
Stage Manager:   Alyssa Bougie
Costume Designer:   Sabrina Belscher
Lighting Design:   Jamea Lister
Sound Design:   Pasquale Pascucci

Set Construction & Painting:   Graham Archer, Keith Clarke, Ann Maycock, Debra Archer, Sean MacKay
Props:   Al Ricard, Mary Main
Costume Assistant:   Sally Jones
Lighting Operator:   Creig Wolf
Photography:   Sarah Sovereign
Videographer:   Matthew Mawkins
Poster distribution:   Ray Srnyk
Graphics & Program:   Emily Hamel, Haley Smith
Stage Crew:   Rae Fehr

Awakenings is an original one-act play, written for the Guild’s offshoot group, Bootstrap Theatre, by Dudley Cox, Nancy Guitar, Ross Biondolillo, Ralph Jones, Haley Smith, Emily Hamel, and Richard Ogilvie. Work on Awakenings began in January, 2013 when the group of writers met for the first time. They wrote short monologues based on the theme of awakening. They then met and shared their work and the work began to evolve. Over the course of four months, writers work-shopped, rewrote and brainstormed together, and the result was this show.

It’s a journey with Ainslin, who is stuck in a strange dream. She’s led through the dream by her sisters, her ex-husband, a nosy neighbour, and some very helpful wait staff. These colourful characters all bring something different to the story. Throughout her journey, Ainslin is forced to confront her past, and to examine events that she has put on the back burner.

Photos by Sarah Sovereign