British Comedy Variety Show
Date: December 2, 2004 - December 11, 2004
Time: Dec 2-4, 9-11 at 8:00 pm
Location: The Chilliwack Arts Centre
9525 College Street, Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: $12.50
Students and Seniors: $10.50
Tickets: n/a

Director: David Hobson
Musical Director: Joanne Hankey
Producers: Russ Hogan and Keith Clarke

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David Hobson


Amber Lochead
Amy Lanteigne
Bill Harrison
Darcy Ferrier
Darlene Till
Jeremy Freeman
Joan Hogan
Laurie James
Malcolm Mincher
Penny Dalton
Steve Cossins
Tony Hewitt


Bob Brown — drums
Gabe Lenteigne — Bass guitar
Joanne Hankey — piano


Director:   David Hobson
Producer:   Russ Hogan
Assistant Producer:   Keith Clarke
Musical Director:   Joanne Hankey
Stage Manager:  Jen Erlendsen
Stage Crew:   Wanda Stevenson, Amanda, Tiessen, Charmaine Yliruusi
Lighting Operators:  Jamea Lister, Kevin Sigaty
Sound Operator:  Bob Harper
Publicity:  Keith Clarke
Box Office:  Fiona Bayrock, Edna Covey
Poster Design:  Graham Archer
Costume Manager:  Yvonne Millward
Costume Assistants:  Maureen Thorp, Nicole Ewert
Makeup & Hair Manager:  Verna Clarke
Makeup Assistants:  Kathryn Allenby, Maggie Braun, Crystal Collings
Props Managers:  Katie Wickers, Doug Wickers
Front of House:  Sandra Hobson, Audrey neufeld, Norma Hoyseth, Katie Wickers
Lobby Display:  Katie Wickers, Doug Wickers
Opening Night Reception Host:  Marie Dahl
Set Construction:  Harold Thorp, Graham Archer
Programs:  Amy Lanteigne
Photography:  Debra Archer