British Nights Pirate Radio
Date: July 4, 2019 - July 12, 2019
Time: Jul 7 @2:00; Jul 4-6 & 9-12 @ 7:30 pm
Location: The Chilliwack Cultural Centre
9201 Corbould St., Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: 25.00
Students and Seniors: 25.00

Ahoy Mateys ! Come and join the Players Guild for a fun-filled nostalgic evening of 60's rock and roll and comedy skits, as we present our 28th British Nights. In the 1960's, BBC radio broadcasts less than an hour of pop music a day, and some free thinking entrepreneurs formed "pirate" stations on boats anchored outside British waters. They only lasted a few short years, before the authorities closed them down, but they gained millions of fans during their runs and proved that rock and roll is here to stay! We celebrate the spirit of those early pioneers with our own version of "Pirate Radio"

Creative TeamProduction TeamCastPhoto GalleryPerformance Photos

Director –  Graham Archer
Musical Director – Judy Hill
Producers – Debra Archer & Laura Hames
Set Designer
– Graham Archer
Lighting Designer – Clint Hames
Sound Designer – Becki Cormier
Stage Manager –
Ann-Marie Blessin
Choreographer –
Cary Zacharias

Costume – Sally Jones
Props – Audrey Neufeld
Props Assistant
Makeup & Hair
Public Relations – CPG PR Committee,
Program – Sandy Tait
Lobby Display – Colleen Strahl
Pub Food – Katy Lowe

Stage Crew – Darrin Kennedy

Stage Crew – Barb Funk

Stage Crew – Trevor Thornley

Lighting Operator – Hayden Simpson

Cast Party – Katy Lowe

Set Construction – Bob Audet, Wayne Dickson, Rick Funk

Set Painting – Debra Archer, Laura Hames



Debra Archer
Liam Archer
Jodie Bartman
Laura Hames
Larry Hamm
Joan Hogan
Darby Howard
Stacey Johnston
Ralph Jones
Trisha Knight-Good
Linda McRae
Denise Munro
Malcolm Mincher
Christine Newsome
John Pronger
Carolyn Putt
Andy Rolleman
Don Romanik
Astrid Wettig
Krysandra Wilson


Stu Coleman
Clint Hames
Judy Hill
Phil Mulholland