Date: October 10, 1991 - October 19, 1991
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: The Chilliwack Arts Centre
9525 College Street, Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: 8.00
Students and Seniors: 6.00

By Christine Newsome
Director: Christine Newsome
Producer: Grace Jones

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Clive Courtney Rick Mawson
Leslie Axminster Sue Morhun
Nigel Shipley Larry Hamm
Penny Shipley Jenny Vannier
Hilary Axminster Bryan Laver
Mrs. Ida Codsell Joan Hogan
Michelle Angele-Picard Judy Hill
Delivery girls Maaike de Bruyn, Shauna Kranabetter


Director:  Christine Newsome
Lighting Design: Patti Walker
Set Design: Christine Newsome
Sound Design: Alan Davis
Costume Design/Construction: Christine Newsome, Rita Plowman

Producer:  Grace Jones
Apprentice Director:   Larry Hamm
Production Assistant:   Penny Anderson
Stage Manager: John Jenkins
Stage Crew:   Maaike de Bruyn, Shauna Kranabetter
Props:   Fresca Kaipio
Lighting Operator:   Chris Choptain
Sound Operator:   Ben Rogalsky
Makeup:   Astrid Beugeling, Kaurelie Hagkull
Front of House:   Audrey Neufeld, Janet Pelzer
Box Office:   Yvonne Millward, Laura Hames, Marie Dahl
Set Construction and Finishing Crew:   Graham Archer, Clint Hames, Jon Jordan, Dave Stephen, Larry Hamm, Grace Jones, Ben Rogalsky, John Plowman, Christine Newsome
Bar and Concession:   Penny Anderson
Poster Graphics:   Christine Newsome
Opening Night Reception:   Playworks, Janet Downey
Video:   Dave Stephen
Photography:   Stan Dahl
Publicity:   Debra Archer, Judy Hill
Crew:   Klara Laurie, Graham Archer, Laura Hames, Fresca Kaipio
Program and Lobby Display:   Grace Jones, Kaurelie Hagkull
Cast Party:   Penny Anderson, Grace Jones

We don’t seem to have performance photos for this production. If  you have any that we can scan, please contact Thanks.