Date: November 6, 1957
Time: 8:30 pm
Location: CFB Chilliwack
49°06'11.4"N 121°57'46.1"W, chilliwack bc
Price: Adults: $0.75
Students and Seniors:

By Benn Levy
Directed by David Menzies
By special arrangement with Dramatists' Play Service Inc., New York

CastProduction Staff Scrapbook

Julian Pugh — Doug May
Arthur Pomfret — Ralph Rigby
Deborah Pomfret — Moraig McDonald
Jane Pugh — Deannie Wade
Clutterbuck — Duke Saunders
A Waiter — Jim Peters
Melissa — Stephanie Brown

Director — David Menzies
Stage manager, lighting — George Weber
Continuity — Jack Glover
Properties — Joan Lyons
Advertising — Stephanie Brown, Mrs. Anne Thompson
Program — Jim Peters
Make-up — Jim Peters
Costumes — Cecile Gordon
Business Manager — Stephanie Brown
Settings — George Weber
Program cover design and posters — Chuck Earl

Poster image by Graham Archer, 2024