One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest
Date: October 2, 1987 - October 11, 2003
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: The Chilliwack Arts Centre
9525 College Street, Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults:
Students and Seniors:

By Ken Kesey, published by Dramatists, Inc. Directed by Doug Friesen Assistant Director Jon Jordan Produced by Jon and Sue Jordan

CastProduction TeamPerformance Photos

Graham Archer as Aide Warren
John Ayris as Martini
Ken Benson as Aide Williams
Barry Cameron as Ruckley/Ellis
Robert Forsythe as Aide Turkle
John Fowler as Technician
Janet Friesen as Nurse Ratched
Scott Gowen as Billy Bibbit
Marlene Greenough as Sandra
Harry Houghton as Dr. Spivey


Denny Larochelle as Randle P. McMurphy
Debra Loshuk as Candy Starr
Lorena Lynam as Nurse MacNamara
Ken Marsh as Chief Bromden
Bob McAllum as Sefelt/Fredericks
David Schmidt as Charles Cheswick
Darlene Till as Nurse Flynn
Gary Wagner as Dale Harding
Doug Wickers as Scanlon
Marius Zagwyn as Col. Matterson

Stage Manager   Hank Boven
Stage Crew   Tina Molnar, René Burke, Shani Laver, Jordan Pratt
Lighting Design   Clint Hames
Lighting set-up   Frank Froese
Lighting Operator   Patti Walker
Set Design   Graham Archer, Doug Friesen
Set construction   Graham Archer
Construction crew   John Ayris,  Jon Jordan, Bob McAllum, Graham Archer, Stan Dahl, Nigel Floyd, Jim Greenough, Hank Boven
Props gathering   Laura Hames
Stage props   Stacey Mckenzie
Make-up   Angie Conlin, Yvonne Millward, Wylie Jones, Astrid Beugeling, Connie McConnell
House Manager   Audrey Neufeld
Graphics/Lobby Display   Christine Newsome
Sound Engineer   Doug Friesen
Sound    Travis Neel
Costumes   Jo Pronger
Opening Night Reception   Norma Zagwyn
Cast Party   Jo Wilson
Bar    Shirley Lecoux
Bar Assistant    Rita Plowman
Photography Stan Dahl
Publicity   Ghez Larochelle
Publicity Assistant   Judy Hill
Tickets/Box Office   Janet Pelser
Program   Melody Jestin

Photos by Stan Dahl