Dark Harvest
Date: January 31, 1958 - February 1, 1958
Time: Previews: 31 Jan, 1 Feb @ 8:15; Festival: 20 Mar @ 8:20 pm
Location: Chilliwack Junior Secondary School
Yale Road E., Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: $0.75
Students and Seniors:

By Gwen Pharis Ringwood
Directed by Duke Saunder

This play was also the Chilliwack Little Theatre’s entry in the Dominion Regional Drama Festival, Chilliwack, in March, 1958.

CastProduction StaffScrapbookProgramAwards

Lisa Hansen — Cecile Gordon
Julia MacDonald — Edith McPhee
Gerth Hansen — Doug May
Charlie — Gordon Robertson
Bert MacDonald — Wayne Denis
Al Morrow — Jim Peters
David Hansen — Jack Glover

Producer — Ralph Rigby
Lighting, Sound Effects — George Weber
Prompter — Moraig MacDonald
Properties — Joan Lyons, Bob Cruise
Make-up — Ann Fisher, Tom Rannie, David Glyn-Jones
Costumes — Norma Belan
Programme — Dave Menzies, Chuck Earl
Settings — Bob Steele, Frank Bertram
Advertising — Jim Peters, Stephanie Brown

Chilliwack performances

Dominion Regional Drama Festival, Chilliwack Junior High School

⭐️ Best presentation of a Drama exclusive of the winning play.
⭐️ Scholarship to the most promising actor or actress in the Festival (in this case, it was won by the group).

Also commended were:

  • Cecile Gordon, immediate runner-up for Best Actress
  • Jack Glover and Doug May, runners-up for Best Actor
  • Gordon Robertson, runner-up for Best Supporting Actor

Poster image by Graham Archer, 2024