The Gallows Does Well
Date: January 13, 2024
Time: One day only: 1:00 & 3:30 pm
Location: The Chilliwack Cultural Centre
9201 Corbould St., Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: 15.00
Students and Seniors: 15.00

By Austin Stone
By special arrangement with Ed Stone
All the fun of a 1950s BBC radio play with live music and sound effects.

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Austin Stone

Author’s Notes

This play is based on the life of Charles Peace. Peace has ever been what is probably the greatest subject of interest of all time, to psychologists and criminologists alike. Primarily, he was an unscrupulous rogue, a thief and a murderer; yet, in a matter of seconds his whole personality could change from a Hyde of the worst order to a pathetic, almost lovable Jekyll.

Of exceptionally small stature and physique, Peace was immensely agile and had the strength of three men. He could talk cultures English, Cockney or the dialect of the Provinces according to his mood and surroundings, a great actor. Ugly as sin, he had an amazing power over women. His mind was as aesthetic as it was lustful and base; but his greatest love was music – and, in particular, musical instruments, almost any of which he could play passably well. Despite the loss of a finger in an accident with a pistol, he was incredibly skilful with his hands: in Madame Tussaud’s there is a magnificent cathedral, perfect in every architectural detail, cut and made out of paper and cardboard by Peace in the condemned cell.

There is no biography of Charles Peace. This play is faithful in facts and detail with contemporary letters and accounts. Of humble birth, it has always been a mystery as to how he acquired such education and culture as at times he undoubtedly displayed; whilst the man who actually witnessed his recital of the grave scene from Hamlet [from which this title is taken] died only recently.

Surely such a character, as Charles Peace is worthy of a full dramatization for Radio and offers unlimited scope for a first-rate actor.

Austin Stone, 1956

Hannah Peace Janet Carroll
Judge/Hull police officer / Constable Girling Ken Fynn
Susan Thompson Laura Hames
Arthur Dyson Larry Hamm
Police Constable / Parson Raymond Hatton
Foreman / Butler / Detective Jones Glenn Howard
Customer Fred / Governor / Magistrate Ralph Jones
Constable Robinson / Clerk / Clerk of Arraigns Zach Loescher
Kate Dyson Katy Lowe
Mr. Brion Dennis Rackliff
Customer Bill / Constable Brown Steve Saunders
Court Usher / Prosecuting Counsel / Warden Ed Stone
Charles Peace Doug Wickers
William Habron / Detective / Detective Smith Stephen Wilhite
Lady of the House / Mrs. Brion Nora Rackliff

Director: Astrid Beugeling

Producer: Debra Archer

Stage Manager: Trishe Knight-Good

Sound Folio Artist: Maggie Saunders

Pianist: Judy Hill

Guitarist: Clint Hames

Violinist: Emily Jou

Costume Designer: Sally Jones

Costume Assistant: Yvette Howard

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