Gypsy - The Broadway Musical
Date: April 21, 2016 - April 30, 2016
Time: April 24 & 30 2:00 PM | April 21-23, 27-30 7:30 pm
Location: The Chilliwack Cultural Centre
9201 Corbould St., Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: 25.00
Students and Seniors: 20.00

Director: Tina Sharkey Assistant Director: Becki Cormier Producer: Sue Klinck Musical Director: Trischa Buhler Choreographer: Cary Zacharias

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Arne Larsen – Herbie
Denise Munro – Rose
Alanna Klinaflakis – Louise
Shianna Chestney – Baby Louise
Halle Galloway – June
Isabelle Sharkey – Baby June
Dennis Rackliff – Pop, Hobo
Reed Seale – Tulsa
Patrick Hogan – Kringelein, Road Warrior, Stagehand
Georgia Streber – Agnes, Hotel Guest
Elizabeth Seaman – Tessie, Road Warrior
Shelly Roach – Cratchitt, Mother
John Pronger – Jocko, Hotel Guest, Stagehand
Al Ricard – Georgie, Hotel Guest, Cigar
Keegan Zaporozan – Rich Man, Hotel Guest, Bougeron-Cahon
Dale Spicer – Mr Weber, Hotel Guest, Phil
Cruze Hurley – LA
Shawn Goodvin – Yonkers, Minsky’s Dancer
Lyndon Shuster – Angie, Minsky’s Dancer
Deanne Ratzlaff – Mazeppa, Mother, Hotel Guest
Mandy Liable – Marjorie May, Road Warrior, Minsky’s Dancer
Tracy Liable – Hollywood Blonde, Road Warrior, Minsky’s Dancer
Candace Shellard – Delores, Waitress, Minsky’s Dancer
Ella Stuart – Thelma, Road Warrior, Minsky’s Dancer
Kristen Younie – Edna, Cow Front, Gladiator 1
Stephanie Sandve – Gail, Cow Front, Gladiator 2
Darrin Kennedy – Pastey, Goldstone, Scout Leader
Nora Rackliff – Electra, Road Warrior, Hotel Guest
Nancy Arnold – Renee, Mother, Hotel Guest
Keegan Sjolie – Arnold, Scout, Hotel Guest
Isabella Johnston – Balloon Girl, Road Warrior, Hotel Guest
Zachary Loescher – Child Star, Scout, Newsboy
Lucas Weghsteen – Rich Son, Newsboy
Miles Merry- Tap Urchin, Newsboy
Ben Sharkey- Scout, Newsboy
Destiny Cormier- Stage Star, Hotel Guest

Director:    Tina Sharkey
Assistant Director:    Becki Cormier
Producer:    Sue Klinck
Musical Director:    Trischa Buhler
Choreographer:    Cary Zacharias
Vocal Director:    Krista Lanigan
Stage Manager:    Nelly Fargeon
Assistant Stage Managers:    Amber Bergeron, Breanna Conkin
Set Designer:    Robb Sharkey
Costume Design & Construction:    Mary Spani, Chrystal Romano
Lighting Designer:     Jamea Lister
Sound Designer:
    Manfred Braun

Lighting Operator:    Larry Hamm
Sound Operator:    Fred Gehrs
Costume Construction Assistants:    Sue Sroka, Barb Funk
Dressers:    Dianne Donovan, Emily Goodvin, Pam Goodvin, Shonagh Merry, Natalie Poe, Jen Weghsteen
Head Shot Photographer:    Deanne Ratzlaff
Graphic Photographer:    Sarah Sovereign
Set Construction & Painting Crew:    Robb Sharkey, Matt Brisson, Nelly Fargeon, Graham Archer, Debra Archer, Sue Klinck, Alana Klinaftakis, Cody McNeil, Westley Jones, Kirsten Jager, Breanna Conkin, Tina Sharkey
Properties Designer:    Astrid Beugeling, Laura Hames
Hair Designer:    Emily Hamel
Make-up Designer:    Stephanie DeGagne, Reed Seale
Backstage Crew:    Alyssa Bougie, Béatrice St-Pierre, Westley Jones, Chrystal Poe, Cody McNeil, Erin Kehler, Elizabeth Monaghan, Jacqui Higginbottom, Calvin Deslauriers, Nicole Deslauriers, Rebekah Bricso, Jodi Eaton, Ken Hurley, Tonny Cormier, Shelly Roach, Bailey Sutcliffe, Kelly Shackleford, Peyton Stewart, Sabrina Lavoie, Emylee Letourneau
Gala Reception:    Audrey Neufeld, Debra Archer

Performance Night: Backstage


Sitzprobe Rehearsal

Set Building

Music: Jule Styne
Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim
Book: Arthur Laurents
Based on: The Memoirs of ‘Gypsy Rose Lee

The Broadway musical Gypsy is “a musical fable” suggested by the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee. Our fable starts with a vaudeville audition for Gypsy (Louise) and her sister June. Their mother Rose, comes on, tells everyone what to do, and then backs it up with a threatening hat-pin. Rose takes the girls on the vaudeville circuit, and under her guidance, they grow into young women on the road. But the end of vaudeville and the start of the great depression leaves Rose facing the end of their vaudeville career in a burlesque house. Louise reluctantly agrees to do a striptease as a last-ditch effort to remain on stage and becomes a burlesque star.  The domineering Rose is left struggling to find her place in Louise’s shiny new life.

Here are some of the actresses who have portrayed Mama Rose:

  • …and now, Denise Munro!

Act I

• “Overture” – Orchestra
• “May We Entertain You?” – Baby June and Baby Louise
• “Some People” – Rose
• “Some People” (Reprise) – Rose
• “Small World” – Rose and Herbie
• “Baby June and Her Newsboys” – Baby June and Newsboys
• “Mr. Goldstone, I Love You”– Rose, Herbie, Ensemble
• “Little Lamb” – Louise
• “You’ll Never Get Away From Me” – Rose and Herbie
• “Dainty June and Her Farmboys” – June and Farmboys
• “Broadway” – June and Farmboys
• “If Momma Was Married” – June and Louise
• “All I Need is the Girl” – Tulsa and Louise
• “Everything’s Coming up Roses” – Rose

Act II

• “Entr’acte” – Orchestra
• “Madame Rose’s Toreadorables” – Louise, Rose and the Hollywood Blondes
• “Together, Wherever We Go” – Rose, Herbie, and Louise
• “You Gotta Get a Gimmick” – Mazeppa, Electra, and Tessie Tura
• “Small World” (Reprise) – Rose
• “Let Me Entertain You”” – Louise
• “Rose’s Turn” – Rose

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