Here We Are Again -- British Night 1994
Date: June 10, 1994 - June 18, 1994
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Evergreen Hall
9291 Corbould Street, Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: 14.00
Students and Seniors: 12.00

Director: Clint Hames

Musical Director: Judy Hill

Producer: Linda Laver

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Debra Archer
Keith Cosgrove
Alan Davis
Tony Hewitt
Judy Hill
Joan Hogan
Bryan Laver
Carol McCormick
Jim McGroarty
Christine Newsome
Diane Nosaty
Devon Presseau
Christina Shulda
Brad Whittaker

Director:  Clint Hames
Producer:  Linda Laver
Musical Director, Accompanist: Judy Hill
Set Design: Graham Archer, Clint Hames
Costume Design: Colleen Strahl
Lights: Doug Dore
Sound: Michael Hogan

Stage Manager: Fresca Kaipio
Assistant to the Director: Eric McElrevy
Costume Assistants: Linda Laver, Marie Dahl
Props: Edna Covey
House Manager: Dave Stephen
Bar Manager: Denny Larochelle
Food: Marie Dahl and the many kitchen staff, servers, and bar staff
Snack Seller: Mona Mott
Publicity: Russ Hogan
Poster Design: Graham Archer
Makeup: Klara Laurie
Tickets: Laura Hames
Photography: Stan Dahl
Lobby Display: Audrey Neufeld
Set Construction: Jon Jordan
Set Construction Crew: Nigel Floyd, Graham Archer, John Wiley, and many cast and crew members
Video: Michael Hogan
Bar Tickets: Melody Jestin, Jo Pronger