Hobson's Choice
Date: May 10, 1934
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Chilliwack High School
Yale Road East, Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: $0.35, $0.50 for both nights
Students and Seniors: Children: $0.20 for one night, $0.35 for both nights

By Harold Brighouse
Directed by Miss Marion Sleightholm

About the playFrom the Chilliwack Progress

By Harold Brighouse
Director: Miss Marion Sleightholm

The Cast
Henry Horatio Hobson — Dr. C. R. Hallman
Maggie — Miss Margaret Barritt
Alice — Mrs. Hallman
Vickey — Adeline Graham
Willie Mossop — John Witherspoon
Albert Prosser — Leslie Russell
Fred Beenstock — Ronald White
Mrs. Hepworth — Mrs. F. J. Henderson
Ada Figgins — Becky Travis
Tubby Wadlow — Alex. Howie
Jim Heeler — Dr. W. C. Cusack
Dr. MacFarlane  — Eyres [sic]

Poster image by Graham Archer