Laughing Stock
Date: April 15, 2010 - April 24, 2010
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: The Chilliwack Arts Centre
9525 College Street, Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: $12.50
Students and Seniors: $8.50/$10.50

By Charles Morey

Director: Mel Dunster

Producer: Malcolm Mincher

through special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service Inc.

Laughing Stock was the Guild's last show in the Chilliwack Arts Centre at College & Henderson before moving to the Chilliwack Cultural Centre.

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Director:    Mel Dunster
Producer:    Malcolm Mincher
Stage Manager:     Sheri Eyre
Assistant Manager:   Oliver Castillo
Set Design:    Graham Archer
Costume Design:    Fiona Bayrock
Sound Design:    Denny Larochelle
Lighting Design:    Jamea Liste

Brad Whittaker — Gordon Page
Vic Upshaw — Jack Morrie
Emily Hamel-Walde — Susannah Huntsmen
Pauline Horzelenberg — Mary Pierre
Caleb Walde — Tyler Taylor
Kevin Jones — Vernon Volker
James Servizi — Richfield Hawksley
Susan Shattock — Daisy Cotes
Larry Hamm — Craig Conlin
Katy Lowe — Sarah Mckay
Darcy Ferrier — Henry Mills
Ashlyn Tegg — Karma Schneider
Dan Bartram — Braun Oakes
Brandon Mindel — Ian Milliken

Co-Producer:    Graham Dalton
Assistant Stage Manager:    Oliver Castillo
Set Construction:    Graham Archer
Set Construction Assistant:    Matt Brisson
Set Painting & Dressing:    Alyson Seale
Costume Design:    Mel Dunster
Costume Manager:    Avril Fairbrother
Props Manager:     Fiona Bayrock
Lighting Operator:    Pat Maclou
Sound Operator:    Reed Seale
Vocal Coach:    Emily Hamel-Walde
Graphic Design:    Dave Dunster
Photographer:    Amy Lanteigne
Lobby Display:    Colleen Strahl
Lobby Display Assistant:    Stan Strahl
House Management:    Debra Archer, Yvonne Millward
Box Office:    Fran Ayris
Opening Reception & Production Party:   Marie Dahl