Night Must Fall
Date: May 9, 1957 - May 11, 1957
Time: 8:15 pm
Location: Chilliwack Junior Secondary School
Yale Road E., Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: $0.25
Students and Seniors:

By Emlyn Williams
Directed by David Menzies

By special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

Castproduction StaffScrapbook

The Lord Chief Justice — Tom Rannie
Mrs. Bramson — Rene Lund
Olivia Grayne — Cecile Gordon
Hubert Laurie — Robin Jillings
Nurse Libby — Alison Woodward
Mrs. Terence — Lilian Ramsey
Dora Parkoe — Stephanie Brown
Inspector Belsize — Douglas May
Dan — David Menzies

Director — David Menzies
Stage Manager and Lighting — George Weber
Continuity — Norma Lund
Properties — Doris Leake
Music — Tom Rannie
Sound Effects — Betty Rannie
Make-up — Kitty Allen Jillings
Business Manager — Norman Lund
Programme — Isabel Ralph
Set and Construction — George Weber

Poster image by Graham Archer, 2024