The Ivory Door
Date: May 18, 1932
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Chilliwack High School
Yale Road East, Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: $0.40
Students and Seniors: $0.20

By A.A. Milne
Directed by Mr. S. Corderoy

CastProduction TeamFrom the Chilliwack Progress
Anna — Miss M. Barritt
Brand — Mr. D. S. MacNeil
Count Rollo — Mr. H. Young
King Hilary — Mr. S. Corderoy
King Perivale — Mr.  L.  McCutcheon
Old Beppi — Mr. E. J. Emonds
Prince Perivale — Miss Marjorie Corderoy
Princess Lilia — Mrs. G. L. V. Smith
Soldiers — Mr. A. Jackson, Mr. H. Young
The Captain — Mr. V. Corderoy
The Chancellor — Mr. H. D. Foster
The Mummer — Dr. C. R. Hallman
Thora — Mrs. D. S. MacNeil
Trumpeters — Mr. E . Manning, Mr H. Snow
Title pages — Miss MacNeil, Miss Eyres

Director and Stage Manager – Mr. S. Corderoy
Assistant – Mrs. R. Marsh
Costume designer – Mrs. G.L.V.  Smith
Lighting effects – Mr. J. Snow
Musical director – Mr. J. A. York