The Music Man
Date: April 6, 1983 - April 16, 1983
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Evergreen Hall
9291 Corbould Street, Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: 8.00
Students and Seniors: 6.00

By Meredith Willson Story by Meredith Willson and Franklin Lacey
Director: Kerry White
Producers: Jon Jordan, Jo Wilson
Musical Director: Jan Farrell
Choreographer: Una Goddard
Published by Frank Music Corp and RINIMER Corp.

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Mayor & family
Bryan Laver — George Shinn
Christine Newsome — Eulalie Shinn
Astrid Beugeling — Zaneeta Shinn, 16
Jody Scott — Gracie Shinn, 10

Other notable citizens
Judy Forsythe — Mrs. Paroo
Freddy Latham — Marion Paroo, librarian & music teacher
Jamie MacDonald — Winthrop Paroo, 12
Ron Gray — “Professor” Harold Hill, the Music Man
Doug Wickers — Marcellus Washburn
Debby Strahl — Ethel Tofflemier
Shani Laver — Amaryllis
Denny Larochelle — Charlie
Sean Laver — Jimmy

School Board members and their wives
Chuck Strahl — Jacey Squires
Audrey Neufeld — Charlotte Squires
Greg Cook — Ewart Dunlop
Nancy Perry — Maud Dunlop
Gary Milne — Oliver Hix
Judy Hll — Alma Hix
Bert Turner — Olin Britt
Margaret Pillon — May Britt

Salesmen & functionaries
Ken Benson, Robert Forsythe, David Lowe, Stan Strahl, Frank Roset
John Jordan — Conductor
Vic Wells — Constable

Kevin Epp, Angie Friesen, Margaret Gallagher, Pat Gallagher, Jordan Gallop, Laura Hames, Michael Louw, Eric Mead, Leslie Penner, Lori Rampton, Matt Rogalsky, Marla Rurka

Frank Froese, Laurie Hirschman, Joan Hogan, Sabine Hutchinson, Debra Loshuk, Sean Laver, Joanna Murphy, Melodie Smith, Colleen Strahl, Betty Unger, Kan Benson, Robert Forsythe, David Lowe, Stan Strahl, Frank Roset, Jon Jordan

Assistant Director: Dave Stephen
Technical Director:
Clinton Hames
Band Rehearsal Director: Rowland Amos
Set Design: Kerry White
Set Execution (Construction): Jim Matthias
Set Execution (Painting): Astrid Beugeling
Costumes: Ardy Timmers
Assisted by:
Margaret White
House manager: Sue Jordan
Props: Beth Mead
Assisted by: Betty Rannie
Lighting: Clinton Hames
Sound: Myra Rhodes Jensen
Production Secretary: Judy Forsythe
Researcher: Robert Forsythe
Photography: Jim Latham
Publicity: Bryan Laver
Tickets: Linda Laver
Graphics: Astrid Beugeling
Makeup: Wylie Kudhail
Call Girl: Linda Easton
Programme: Betty Unger
Posters & placemats: Colleen Strahl
Rehearsal pianists: Sally Janzen, Lynda Mundstock, Hazel Menzies
Champagne Party Convenor: Barb Benson
Bar: Bruce Hutchinson
Piano: Sally Janzen
Keyboard: Lynda Mundstock
Percussion: Dave Fancey
Bass: Duane Schroeder
Bassoon: Ron Pasco
Flute: Ingrid Korth
Clarinet: Francie Miller, Terri Watson, Marg Leduc, Christine Glenham
Oboe: Ted Batty
Trumpet: Dave Epp, Scott Martin, Julien Bouchard, Rod Christian
Trombone: Paul Ashwell

Sewing Crew
Marcie Winger, Joan Hogan, Elma Tankink, Margaret Latham, Lori Falyx, Katie Wickers, Marlene Froese, Dalle Proft, Linda Laver, Linda Scott

Construction Crew
Jim Matthias, Clinton Hames, Brad Whittaker, Graham Archer, Paul Beugeling, Jack Kouwenhoven, Phil Goddard, Greg Falys

Painting Crew
Ron Gray, Dave Stephen, Betty Unger, Sue Jordan, Colleen Strahl, Dou Wickers, Joan Dmytryshyn, Dalle Proft, Linda Walde, Jody Cameron, Linda Laver

Lighting Crew
Mike Falys (follow spot), Brad Whittaker (operator), Frank Froese, Jon Jordan, Sean Chidlow (follow spot)

Helpers (other than cast and crews)
Jim Matthias, Jennifer Matthias, Patrick Stedman, Yvonne Milward, Pat Dick, Diana Haywood-Farmer, Colin Righton, Kerry White, Paul Beugeling, Gerald Perry, Tim Hill, Chris Neufeld, Eric Lowe, Margaret White, Bruce Hutchinson, Mike Falys, Sean Chidlow, Norma Younie, Betty Younie

Publicity Crew
Ron Gray, Dave Stephen, Betty Unger, Sue jordan, Colleen Strahl, Doug Wickers, Joan Dmytryshyn, Dalle Proft, Linda Walde, Jody Cameron, Linda Laver

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