The Silver Whistle
Date: April 22, 1933 - April 23, 1933
Time: 8:30 pm
Location: Chilliwack Junior Secondary School
Yale Road E., Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: $0.50; $0.75 for reserved seating
Students and Seniors: $0.35

By Robert E. McEnroe
Directed by Jim Peters

ScrapbookThe CastProduction TeamProgram

Mr. Beebe — Duke Saunders
Mrs. Hanmer — Anthea Adair
Miss Hoadley — Jan Crafter
Miss Tripp — Cecile Gordon
Reverend Watson — Frank Bertram
Mrs. Sampler — Suzette Richardson
Mrs. Gross — Doreen Nuzum
Mr. Cherry — Art Bellamore
Oliver Erwenter — David Menzies
Emmett — Jim Peters
Bishop — Roy Newton
Father Shay — Bob Foster
Mr. Beach — Robin Jillings
Mr. Reddy — George Weber


“OMAR”, the greatest living fighting cock in the world.

Lighting — Duke Saunders and Bob Steele
Make-up — Jim Peters, Katy Allen Jillings
Program design — Bob Foster
Advertising — Jim Peters, Dave Menzies, Art Bellamore, Robin Jillings
Tickets — Jim Peter, Frank Bertram
Usherettes — Lily Hryhirchuk, Jo-Anne Maynard
Prompter — Robin Jillings
Music — Isobel Ralph
Cast pictures courtesy Chilliwack Progress
Settings by Bob Steele

Poster image by Graham Archer