Then and Now -- British Night 2000
Date: June 16, 2000 - June 24, 2000
Time: June 16-l 7, 21-24 at 7:30 pm
Location: Evergreen Hall
9291 Corbould Street, Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: $15.00
Students and Seniors: $12.00

Director: Christine Newsome
Musical Director: Judy Hill
Producer: Linda Laver

CastProduction TeamBehind the ScenesPerformance PhotosProgramme

Debra Archer
John Arundel
Bob Chaplin
Pauline Dynowski
Robert Forsythe
Laura Hames
Tony Hewitt
Judy Hill
Joan Hogan
Bryan Laver
Jim McGroarty
Audrey Neufeld
Diane Nosaty
Colleen Strahl
Darlene Till
Robert Wilson
John Winstanley
Robin Winstanley

Director:   Christine Newsome
Musical Director, Accompanist:   Judy Hill
Producer:   Linda Laver
Assistant Producer:   Edna Covey
Stage Manager:   Linda McCrae-Mincher
Set Design:   Christine Newsome
Lighting & Sound Design:   Clint Hames
Lighting & Sound Operation:   Michael Hogan
Lighting Crew:   Doug Dore, Clint Hames, Jamea Lister
Props:   Audrey Gwendolyn
Stage Crew:   Cody Edmondson, Malcolm Mincher
Make-up:   Astrid Beugeling, Elizabeth Major, Steve Kurowski, Sarah Way
Set Construction:   Graham Archer, Doug Dore, Harold Thorp, Keith Clarke, Nigel Floyd, Tony Hewitt, Doug Friesen, Robert Wilson, Michael Hogan, Cody Edmondson, John Winstanley, Gord Clark, Jamea Lister, Bryan Laver, Bob Chaplin
Set Painting:   Laura Hames, Joan Hogan, Christine Newsome, Diane Nosaty, Darlene Till
Costumes:   Linda Laver, Edna Covey, Audrey Smith, Colleen Strahl
Poster Design:   Graham Archer
Poster Distribution:   Yvonne Millward, Russ Hogan, Laura Hames, Edna Covey, Keith Clarke
Bar:   Denny Larochelle, Melody Jestin
House Manager: Verna Clarke
Food:   Norma Hoyseth, Oscar Hoyseth, John Walker, Kathleen Holmes, Noreen Grosart, and the many kitchen staff, servers, and bar staff
Bar Ticket Sales:   Jo Pronger, Jackie Johnston, Keith Johnston
Snack Ticket Sales:   Pauline Fraser, Jane Logie
Production Ticket Sales:   Michael Hogan
Photographer:    Wood’s Photographic
Video:   Faith Ivall
Publicity:   Linda Laver
Lobby Display:   Patti Lawn
Program:   Judy Hill

Rehearsals in the Arts Centre

Setting up at Evergreen Hall

Warming up and ready to go

Cast party

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