Three one-act plays (1932)
Date: November 24, 1932
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Chilliwack High School
Yale Road East, Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: $0.40
Students and Seniors: $0.20

Chilliwack Valley Dramatic Festival
⭐️ Brothers in Arms
⭐️ The Sentence of Death
⭐️ The Eligible Mr. Bangs

Brothers in ArmsThe Sentence of DeathThe Eligible Mr. BangsFrom the Chilliwack Progress

By Merrill Denison
Director: Mr. S. Corderoy

The cast
An Englishman — Mr. S. Corderoy
His wife — Miss W. Rushforth
The hunter — Mr. V. Corderoy
The guide — Mr. N. Young

By T. Farias de Isassi, translated by Lilian Saunders
Mr. Lipton McCutcheon

The cast
The man under sentence — Mr. Lipton McCutcheon
The wealthy brother — Mr. L. H. Eyres
The priest — Mr. D. S. MacNeil
The guard — Mr. Ronald West

By Robert Housum
Director: Dr. C. R. Hallman

The cast
Jane — Mrs. C. R. Hallman
Lucille — Miss K. Barritt
Jane’s husband — Mr. Ed. Richardson

Orchestral selections: Mr. J. A. York
Poster image by Graham Archer