Three one-act plays (1936)
Date: March 4, 1936
Time: May 3rd and 4th at 8:00 pm
Location: Chilliwack High School
Yale Road East, Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: $0.50 for both nights
Students and Seniors: $0.15, $0.35; $0.50 for both nights

Chilliwack Valley Dramatic Festival
⭐️ A Woman of Character
⭐️ The Purple Doorknob
⭐️ Thank You, Doctor

The Purple DoorknobA Woman of CharacterThank You, DoctorFrom the Chilliwack Progress

By Walter Eaton
Director: Miss Marion Sleightholm

The Cast
Mrs. C. R. Hallman
Miss Mary Kerr
Miss Marion Sleightholm

The Purple Door came second the following week at Langley Prairie.

By Estelle Taylor
Director: Miss B. Wellington

The Cast
Mrs. H. Gibbs
Miss D. Freeman
Mrs. F. Toop
Miss E. Sather
Miss V. Ash
Miss D. McAllister
Miss Marion Sather
Miss G. Gwynne-Vaughan
Miss M. Barritt

A Woman of Character came third at the festival in Langley the following week.

By Gilbert Emery
Director: Miss Dorothy Keenleyside

The Cast
Mr. R. Scott
Miss I. Marr
Mr. F. Snider
Miss Amy Hutcheson
Mr. N. Butchart

Poster image by Graham Archer