Try to Remember
Date: November 24, 1981 - November 28, 1981
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Evergreen Hall
9291 Corbould Street, Chilliwack BC
Price: Adults: (not known)
Students and Seniors: (not known)

Director: Jan Farrell
Producer: Rita Plowman
Musical Director: Jan Farrell
Choreographer: Una Goddard

From the programme:
"A nostalgic look at Guild musicals as we take you on a journey back [from 1981] through the years to 1971."

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Judy Forsythe — Golda; Peppermint Patty; Chorus
*Robert Forsythe– Fagin; Tevye
Clint Hames — Charlie Brown: Soldier; Chorus
Laura Hames — Chavalah; Chorus
Cathy Hutchinson — Nancy; Lulu; Chorus
Jon Jordan — Linus; Chorus
Kurt Jordan — street urchin
Sean Laver —street urchin
Denny Larochelle — Snoopy; Artful Dodger; Chorus
Alan Legg — Freddy; Soldier; Chorus
Derek McCooey — Professor Higgins
Jaimie McDonald — Oliver
Joanna Murphy — Eliza Doolittle; Chorus
John Plowman — Soldier
John Pronger — Doolittle; Soldier; Chorus
Mel Stewart — Troubadour
Doug Wickers — Bill Sikes; Soldier; 


Director:  Jan Farrell
Producer:  Rita Plowman
Musical Director & Accompanist:  Jan Farrell
Choreographer:   Una Goddard
Assistant to the Director:   Beth Mead
Stage Manager:   John Plowman
House Manager:   Linda Laver
Set Construction:   Jack & Velma Kowenhoven, John Plowman
Advertising:   Jo Wilson, Denny Larochelle
Programme:  Rita Plowman
Tickets:   Betty Unger
Make-up:   Astrid Beugeling
Lights:   Paul Beugeling
Props:   Bryan Laver
Photography:   Stan Dahl
Costumes:   Rita Plowman
Graphics:   Astrid Beugeling
Bar Managers:   Colleen & Stan Strahl

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