Our Story

The Chilliwack Players Guild has been part of the Chilliwack theatre tradition for nearly seventy years — in fact, we’ve recently uncovered a newspaper trail that leads us back to late 1931, and it looks as if we may have a connection that’s even older that that. We have compiled a list that’s as complete as we’ve been able to determine, and we’r working on creating separate pages for  as many of them as we can. Please take a few minutes to browse through the list at http://playersguild.ca/archives.

We’re an active part of our community, and for many years we have donated an annual scholarship to a University Fraser Valley theatre student. We enjoy a vibrant partnership with the Chilliwack Cultural Centre, where we perform our productions. We’re also longtime members of the Chilliwack Community Arts Council and of Theatre BC.

Please contact  at info@playersguild.ca if you’d like more information, or just join us at one of our meetings (see our schedule in the sidebar). We meet at the Guildhall, 45530 Spadina Avenue, in Chilliwack. Light refreshments are served after the meetings, and memberships are generally available at the social events. Hope to see you!

speaking of our history…

…if you have any mementos from past Guild shows that you think someone might like to see, please drop us a line at archives@playersguild.ca. We’d love to see your souvenirs.

Current Executive


President Clint Hames
Vice President & Workshop Co-ordinator Raymond Hatton
Treasurer Barbara Blom
Secretary Maggie Saunders
Communications Director Jennifer Matthias
Social Director Mary Ellen Shimell
Technical Director Hayden Simpson
Guildhall Co-Ordinator Carol Taylor
Membership Director Trisha Knight-Good
Cultural Centre & Theatre BC Liaison Debra Archer
Technology Director Glenn Howard
Marketing & Promotions
Emily Hamel
Dave Stephen
Judy Hill
Bill Johnston

Looking to get involved As a member of the executive?

If you are interested in getting involved in the executive, below is a brief description of what each executive member does. For more information, please contact info@playersguild.ca

Dreams do come true: The creation of the Guildhall

In July, 2010, Players Guild members watched a dream come true as the east end of the Chilliwack Sports Landing Centre was enclosed and designated by the City of Chilliwack to be leased to us. This was in recognition of our decades-long contributions to the arts community, and of our previous investment in the Chilliwack Arts Centre — the sale of which helped make possible the creation of the beautiful Chilliwack Cultural Centre we all enjoy.

This is a brief look at the work in progress that summer. Click an image to enlarge it.