The creation of the Guildhall

In July, 2010, Players Guild members watched a dream come true as the east end of the Chilliwack Sports Landing Centre was enclosed and designated by the City of Chilliwack to be leased to us. This is a brief look at the work in progress that summer. Click an image to enlarge it.



Our History

The Chilliwack Players Guild has been part of the Chilliwack theatre tradition for more than sixty years — in fact, we’ve recently uncovered a newspaper trail that leads us back to late 1931, and it looks as if we may have a connection that’s even older that that! We have compiled a list that’s as complete as we’ve been able to determine, and we’r working on creating separate pages for  as many of them as we can. Please take a few minutes to browse through the list at

We’re an active part of our community, and for many years we have donated an annual scholarship to a University Fraser Valley theatre student. We enjoy a vibrant partnership with the Chilliwack Cultural Centre, where we perform our productions. We’re also longtime members of the Chilliwack Community Arts Council and of Theatre BC.

Our membership is made up of local residents who are interested in theatre — on stage as well as behind the scenes. If you have a desire to “tread the boards” on stage, or if your interest lies in helping out with costumes, makeup, set painting, ushering, or any of the many opportunities involved in a production, you are more than welcome.

A monthly newsletter keeps members informed of upcoming productions, workshops, social events, and general meetings. Whether you’re someone who’s just curious, or a lifelong theatre enthusiast — come and join us!

Please contact us via our contact form or at if you’d like more information, or just join us at one of our meetings. We generally hold them at 7:00 on the first Tuesday of the month, October through June, in our home at the Guildhall, 45530 Spadina Avenue, in Chilliwack. Light refreshments are served after the meeting. Hope to see you!

speaking of our history…

…if you have any mementos from past Guild shows that you think someone might like to see, please drop us a line at We’d love to see your souvenirs.

Looking to get involved As a member of the executive?

If you are interested in getting involved in the executive, below is a brief description of what each executive member does. For more information, please contact



  • Attend all Executive and General Meetings as laid out in the By-laws, usually once a month.
  • Submit a written report at the yearly AGM in September.
  • Attend Committee Meetings as called by the Committee Chair.
  • Represent the Chilliwack Players Guild in a positive light within the Community and beyond.


  • Provide an Agenda for all Executive and General Meetings.
  • Chair all Executive and General Meetings.
  • Sit “ex-officio” on all committees as needed.
  • Represent the Guild in the community, at various functions or appoint an alternate.
  • Deal with any CPG inquiries.
  • Along with the CCC Liaison, deal with CCC Board and Manager as needed.


  • Chair Executive and General Meetings in the absence of the President.
  • Chair at least one Committee.


  • Attend meetings – especially after first stepping down.
  • Advise on matters as you are able.
  • Help with any Constitutional/Society matters.
  • Fill the slate with nominations for positions up for Election at each AGM while you remain the Past President.


  • Keep minutes of all Guild Executive and General Meetings and send to all the Executive Members afterwards via Email.
  • Receive and reply to all correspondence as needed.
  • Keep the Guild up to date with the BC Societies ACT.
  • Ensure that the Constitution and By-laws are kept up to date and posted in the Guild Hall.
  • Keep the Executive Members addresses and phone numbers up to date and posted in the Guild Hall.


  • Maintain all of the Guild’s Financial records and Bank Accounts.
  • Advise on all Financial matters as you are able.
  • Issue monthly Bank Statements.
  • Issue Year End Statements.
  • Present proposed Budget for the upcoming year.
  • Oversee Budgets for each Executive/Committee/Production Accounts.


  • Maintain a good relationship with the current Productions PR person and assist as needed.
  • Maintain the CPG in a good light within the community by posting regular articles/social media on the Guild’s current activities.
  • Work closely with the Executive Communications/Web Site person.
  • Provide opportunities for the CPG to participate in ‘other’ community events.


  • Provide refreshments for the members at all General Meetings.
  • Provide the membership with some ‘social’ activities throughout the year.


  • Provide some suggestions to the Executive on some workshops that the members may be interested in attending.
  • Have workshops open for the general public as well
  • Upon approval of any workshops, be the liaison to the ‘person’ doing the workshop and provide any ‘refreshments’ needed for the day. Can work with the ‘Social Executive’ member on providing the refreshments.
  • Be in charge of taking any money required for the workshop and providing a receipt to the member or non-member attending. Present all bills to the Treasurer asap.
  • Ensure that the ‘person’ doing the workshop gets paid on time. Treasurer will assist in this.
  • Follow-up with a Thank You card to the person who provided the workshop.
  • Provide a report to the Executive after taking a brief survey of those who attended the workshop.


  • Ensure that the Guild Hall is always in good working order.
  • Stay in communication with the City representatives who are in charge of our facility.
  • Ensure that every Production keeps their ‘work’ area’s neat and tidy so that meetings etc. can also be held comfortably within the space allowed.
  • Be in charge of the KEY Roster. Knowing who has what key.
  • Handing over a key to the new Director and Stage Manager for each Production, and receive them at the end of the Production.
  • Be in charge of the Bulletin Boards.
  • Be in charge of the Calendar for the year, listing all meetings, audition dates, rehearsals, set building/painting, general cleaning dates etc.


  • Maintain membership list and send to all Executive Members.
  • Ensure all ‘Cast and Crew’ become members by attending the Read Thru or Rehearsals. Notify the Director that you will be doing this.
  • Hand over the “Welcome to the Chilliwack Players Guild Letter and Brochure” to each new member.


  • Update and maintain the Web Site for the CPG.
  • Notify the membership of all General Meetings and Socials as needed.


  • Maintain regular meetings with the CCC Staff in regards to our Productions and the use of their space for our move in and move outs, ticket sales etc.
  • Ensure that each Producer/Director are aware that you are the liaison.
  • Keep the Executive and membership up to date with any Theatre BC news.
  • Attend the local Zone of Theatre BC Meetings on behalf of the CPG.


  • Keep an inventory of all CPG Lighting, Sound, TV, Projection, Laptops, Computer equipment. Update yearly.
  • Ensure that it is all up to date and maintained.
  • Make any recommendations as needed.
  • Ensure that any ‘other’ supplies are in stock and maintained. IE: gels, tape, crescent wrenches etc.
  • Ensure that the Workshop tools are also kept up to date and inventoried.

OTHER areas that can use assistance:

  • Library of Scripts, DVD’s, VHS Tapes and other Books
  • Makeup Stock



Current Executive

President Clint Hames
Vice President  Margaret Reveley
Treasurer Barbara Blom
Secretary Maggie Saunders
Communications Jennifer Matthias
Public Relations Committee Head Dave Stephen
Social Margaret Reveley
Technical Hayden Simpson
Guildhall Carol Taylor
Membership Mary Spani
Cultural Centre Liaison/Theatre BC Liaison Debra Archer
Workshops Raymond Hatton